NoDá Design Studio offers a wide range of creative services with a focus on Laser Cutting and Engraving. Our laser technology allows us to experiment with different materials while generating a precise computer generated design.


Laser Cutting and Engraving begins with an image file. If you already have an image, send it to us by filling out a Quote Request Form and we will email you shortly with more information. If you only have a rough sketch and a concept, that’s okay, we can help you achieve what you have in mind!


After receiving your request we will determine how we can help you and you will be provided with a quote within 24 hours, based on the specs provided. We are available via phone or email to discuss specific ways to refine your design concept — the choice is yours!


Watch your ideas come to life! Within a matter of days your project will go from concept to finalized product ready for your presentation or distribution. Let us bring the end result right to your hands with our courier service for those in selected New York areas, or via mail. We can also arrange studio pick-ups and half way meetings.

Our laser machine bed has a size of 34in x 22in and a depth of 10in, allowing us to work with odd shaped materials as well as flat sheets. We will happily receive your own materials; however, we are also able to provide the materials you need for your specific project.


Acetate – Acrylic – Balsa – Birch Plywood – Bristol – Chipboard – Color Aid Paper – Corrugated Cardboard – Felt – Foam Core – Masonite – Museum Board – Neoprene – Plywood


Vector artwork works for cutting and engraving. Please submit any of the following formats: .dwg file (AutoCAD) .dxf (AutoCAD) .ai file (Adobe Illustrator) .eps file .svg file

Supplying the right files will save you time and money. All files are converted to AutoCAD. We are more than happy to help you adjusting or creating artwork.


Our creative services include a range of skills and options that will make your ideas possible. We will help you design and create a variety of products at any stage of design; whether it is a preliminary concept or a fully developed project. Here is a list of things that we can do for you:


We are here to help. Contact us today in regards to any future project, existing idea or materials question. Do not hesitate to ask any questions, write to us at or call us at 786-529-2588.


Give us your information and a brief description of your project and we will get back to you with a quote. You may also upload a design file for us to take a look at. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for us to review your request. If you wish to send larger files or download links try emailing us directly at


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