With the ability to cut different materials, our laser technology serves as the perfect tool for creating unique product packaging. Working with paper materials can be as impactful as you are willing to let it be. We can work with any type of paper while implementing a intricate or minimalistic design. The laser can produce a precise cut as well as scoring fold lines, perforations, and zip-tear features. NoDá Design Studio can help create, or extend, your company’s branding through package design and much more.


Using the laser to cut or engrave on paper can produce endless results. You can design intricate wedding invites, holiday cards, and postcards without worrying about the extensive hand labor that goes into producing them. Our laser technology also allow us to carve any clip art or hand drawing into rubber to create detailed stamps. Stamps are a great way to add unique detail to your holiday cards and other paper applications.


With multiple holidays a year we have the opportunity to explore different design themes. We can help you bring life to your home or work place by creating excellent decoration material. Residential decorations, party props, birthday gift bags fillers, fabric patterns, you name it! Share your ideas with us and we will figure out how to bring them to reality.


Laser engraved and custom die cut business cards are a great option for any company or individual that wants to stand out from the crowd. With a large variety of paper and wood veneers, we are able to produce business cards that have a unique look and feel. Your business identity and information will no longer be lost in a pile of ordinary business cards./p>


Our creative services include a range of skills and options that will make your ideas possible. We will help you design and create a variety of products at any stage of design; whether it is a preliminary concept or a fully developed project. Here is a list of things that we can do for you:


We are here to help. Contact us today in regards to any future project, existing idea or materials question. Do not hesitate to ask any questions, write to us at or call us at 786-529-2588.


Give us your information and a brief description of your project and we will get back to you with a quote. You may also upload a design file for us to take a look at. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for us to review your request. If you wish to send larger files or download links try emailing us directly at


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